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Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Chisa got her first big break as one of the contestants of the first episode of Blake Shelton's TV show Barmageddon, but made her first official artistic foray into the world with her self produced EP Runaway Season. Born in California but raised in Colorado, she was first introduced to singing through her jazz singer grandmother. She developed a love for it quickly and picked up quite a few instruments throughout her schooling, including flute, french horn, and saxophone. Constantly involved in choirs and musical theater productions, sometime during high school she sought more artistic outlets. She taught herself guitar at 15 and shortly thereafter started writing her first songs (she doesn't count the Ashlee Simpson songs she used to write extra verses over in elementary school). In high school, she wrote all the songs for an album she released called Stronger with the help of a friend in his parents' basement. While attending the University of Colorado Denver for songwriting, she taught herself piano. Once she picked up and moved to Los Angeles, that is where she taught herself how to produce, and also learned to play drums at the many parties she frequented around town. She is currently working on her full length debut album, to be titled Nessus 7066. It is a concept album revolved around an abusive relationship she suffered through and is expected to be finished sometime towards the end of the year.


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